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Yellow Transparent
Yellow Transparent originated in Russia and was introduced to the United States in 1870. It's smooth skin goes from a greenish-yellow to a pale-yellow when ripe. The white flesh is crisp and juicy with a well-flavored and refreshing sweet taste.


Pristine originates from Purdue University and is a high-quality, early season apple. It's bright yellow skin can sometimes get a slight orange blush. It has a sweet-tart flavor (some even say it has a slight spicy taste), which makes it great for fresh eating and applesauce.


Lodi was introduced by the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in 1924. The skin goes from a green to a clear yellow when ripe. The flesh of this apple is white, crisp, and juicy, with a sweet flavor. Main uses of this apple include pies, applesauce, and apple butter.
Ginger Gold
In 1960, a Virginia farmer was going over a hurricane ruined orchard when he came across an apple tree sprouting up amid all the ruins. He promptly named the apple, Ginger Gold, after his sweetheart. The apple is picked greenish-gold and when eaten it has a sweet-tart flavor. This is a great early season apple for fresh eating and salads.
Red Free
Red Free is truly on of the best early season eating apples. It's skin is smooth and waxy with a medium to bright red color. The flesh is firm with a great sweet taste. Red Free are great for eating but are also an all-purpose apple.
SunRise was developed at the Summerland Research Station. It's a great early season apple with a pale yellow or white background and bright red stripes turning to a blush on the sun exposed side. The white/cream colored flesh is crisp and juicy with an excellent sweet, tart flavor. SunRise is an excellent eating apple, but can also be used for baking.
Summer Rambo
Summer Rambo is believed to have come from a town near Abbeville, France in 1535. The apple has been grown as early as 1776, in Colonial America.  The skin has a greenish-yellow background with a pale-red and carmine streaked overcoat. The flesh is a yellowish color with a slightly sweet and tart flavor.
Molly Delicious
Molly delicious was introduced from New Jersey in 1966. It's some what similar to the Red Delicious in appearance and flavor. The skin has a yellow background with half the apple being blushed with red. The flavor is sweet and pleasing.
Gala originated in New Zealand and was brought to the United States in the early 1970's. The colors can vary from cream to red and yellow striped. Gala's are very crispy, juicy, and sweet, which is why it's one of the most popular apples in the country for fresh eating.
Cortland is a cross between McIntosh and Ben Davis. It originated in the late 1890's at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station. This apple is red with a little green blush and snow white, tender flesh. The flavor is sweet with a hint of tartness making it great for salads and garnishes, but is a great all-purpose apple.
Golden Delicious
The Golden Delicious is a classic favorite discovered in 1890 in Clay County, West Virginia. It's original name was Mullin's Yellow Seedling but was later changed to it's more common name in 1916. The skin is a pale yellow and the flavor is mellow and sweet making it a great all-purpose apple.
Honeycrisp was developed by the University of Minnesota and is becoming increasingly popular. The skin is mottled red over a yellow background. The flesh is crispy, juicy, sweet, with a mild honey flavor. This apple is great for eating right out of your hand or salads and sauce making.
Jonathan originated in the 1920's from Woodstock, NY. It's a crimson color with a green blush at times. The white flesh is very tender and juicy and has a spicy-tang flavor that makes it ideal for pies and sauce.
Jonagold, a New York State Agricultural Experiment Station creation in 1968, is a blend of Johnathan and Golden Delicious. The apple comes with a yellow-green base and a red-orange blush. This unique tasting apple has nearly yellow flesh that is crispy and juicy, with a honey-tart flavor. It is great for both eating and baking making it a great all-purpose apple.
John McIntosh discovered this apple in 1811. It has a deep red finish that sometimes has a slight green blush. The tender white flesh is juicy and tangy making it a favorite for snacking and apple sauce.
Smokehouse originated in the early 1800's on the farm of William Gibbons near Millcreek, Pennsylvania. The skin is greenish-yellow with flushed red stripes. The yellowish-white flesh is crisp and tender with a spicy-sweet flavor. It's a great all-purpose apple.
Grimes Golden
Grimes Golden originated in West Virginia in 1832 on the farm of Thomas Grimes. This apple has bright yellow green skin and crisp yellow flesh, with a spicy flavor, which  makes it great for applesauce.
Red Delicious
This old-time favorite originated in Iowa in the 1870's. The Red Delicious can vary in color from striped red to solid midnight red, and has crisp, juicy, white flesh. The Red Delicious is best eaten fresh or in salads.
Gold Blush
This widly unknow apple has a beautiful gold undercoat with a slight red/pink blush on one side of the apple. It's yellowish/white flesh is firm with a sweet-tart flavor. A great all-purpose apple.
Hampshire originated in Hopkinton, NH on the farm of Gould Hill Orchards. This apple is firm, sweet, and crisp. It also stores very well. 
Ida Red
Ida Red is an Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station creation introduced in 1942. This Johnathan and Wagener cross has bright red skin and a firm texture, with a tangy flavor.
Northern Spy
This variety of apple is native to the Northern East Coast. When ripe the skin will become covered with green and red stripes. The flesh is white and crispy with a mildly sweet taste. This apple is fairly crunchier than most apples and stores very well.
Cameo was discovered in Washington State in the 1980's. When picked the apple appears with a cream colored base with red stripes. This apple is extra crispy with a sweet-tart taste.
Empire came to us from the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in 1966. It's a cross between a Red Delicious and McIntosh that's crispy and juicy with a sweet tart flavor from it's creamy white flesh. This apple is picked when it gets to a deep red color.
Fuji is originally from Japan and is named after the famous Mt. Fuji. Not till the 1980's did the Fuji apple make it's way to the United States. Fuji apples are bi-colored, with red and yellow stripes. Since coming to the United States this apple has gained popularity because of it's sweet flavor and firmness.
The Mutsu originated at the Aomori Apple Experiment Station in Kuroishi, Japan in 1948. Mutsu's become fairly large and have a yellow-golden skin. The flesh has a  creamy-white color, that is very juicy, with a sweet flavor
The Nittany, named after the Penn State Nittany lion has a greenish-yellow background with some red blush. This apple is awesome for processing and baking.
Staymen was created by Dr. J. Staymen of Leavenworth, Kansas in the late 1800's. It has a greenish yellow skin flushed with dull red and dark red stripes. Staymen has white flesh and a  tart flavor.
The York apple originated on the Johnson farm near York, Pennsylvania and was later introduced in 1830 for production. The skin is mainly greenish-yellow with a light red flush and carmine stripes covering the whole apple. The yellow flesh is crisp and juicy with a sweet flavor.
This apple was discovered on a farm near Rome Township, Ohio in the early 1800's. This red apple has great storage qualities and is primarily used for cooking and baking. The white flesh is mildly tart.
The Braeburn originated in New Zealand in the early 1950's. The skin consists of a yellow background with a mix of orange and red covering the apple. Braeburn is a great multipurpose apple with a rich, spicy-sweet flavor.
Granny Smith
This apple was named after "Granny" Anne Smith of Ryde, New South Wales, who discovered it in 1868. With it's distinctive green skin and very tart flavor, Grannies work well in tart pies or snacks.
Pink Lady
Pink Lady is becoming another popular apple in the states with it's "hot pink" skin color and an amazing sweet-tart flavor. The flesh is white, crunchy, and juicy making it great for snacking and salads. A must try for a late season apple.

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